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English Saddles:

*Huntseat:  Proper huntseat/ all purpose styling. Includes flat leather cinch  100.00 for criss cross (shown) or woven cinch add 5.00 Pattern still under construction and refinement, though acceptable for show as is. I just want to get it perfect. Tree is metal so it can adjust to fit models with weird withers. The pic with the grey background is a scan of a newer saddle I've done. It is getting closer to what I want, still needs a little tweaking.

*Dressage:  Long billets and flaps. Includes flat rolled leather cinch  $100.00

Other Saddles:
*Park/Saddle Seat: Includes flat leather girth or white woven. Pictures should be coming soon.   100.00

*Racing saddle:  This item is realistic and the pattern was made in concert with a real race horse owner. Much research went into making it as accurate as possiible. Includes short irons, elastic over cinch, black suede girth guard, white foam pad and satin number blanket:   60.00  Great for those other performance classes.

*Side Saddle:  Includes one stirrup and flat leather cinch:  70.00

*Felt English Pad: (has cinch loops):  5.00

*English Leather Criss Cross Girth: I'm not sure what the proper technical name is on this, but it is what I've used on my real horses forever.  15.00

*English Hand Woven Cinch
:  15.00

*Felt Dressage Pad: square or fitted: 5:00

*Jumping Belly Guard:  For jumpers that have a tendency to clip their bellies with their hooves when wearing studs.  Sheep skin lining, attachment straps:  10.00 or you can get it made as a solid girth unit for $20.00

English Breast collars:  Straight breast collar with tie down loop(eventing):  10.00  V-Shaped collar with saddle attachments, very adjustable:  10.00

English Bridles
All bridles priced here come with etched bits and buckles or ones I have made myself. They will also have simulated stiching when appropriate. I have shown hunters and dressage as well as english pleasure for many years, so these are accurate! 

English w/ snaffle:  true slip ring or fixed round snaffle:  35.00 (etched or slip ring bit) $40.00 (cast bit)
Shown is a full cheek snaffle that was an experiment. I used Rio Rondo's Small D rings instead of the normal figure eight buckles and I really like it! It makes the bridle much more realistic and doesn't affect it's staying on ability at all. I made it purposely thin to show off this model's beautiful head detail.) 

English w/ Pelham: Double reins, chain chin strap.  Lip strap a possibility: 36.00

*Double Bridle: Full, correct double bridle has silver hardware with gold a possibility (added charges):  40.00  painted white lining  41.00   white leather lining: 45.00.